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Field Hockey Evolution ::Training, clinics, Seminars, Open League play, Goalie training.
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See what our clients are saying about us.

College Commitment
Lacrosse Evolution's staff & programs have had so much to do with my son's development as a player and ultimately helped him get excepted to Washington College.

- Mike Evans - West Chester Henderson parent

Winter Training at Lacrosse Evolution
When Spring time comes and we have the first week of practice. I can clearly see see who has been training at Lacrosse Evolution in the winter and who hasn't.

- Eric Dougherty - W.B.Y.A Lacrosse Commissioner

4th grade daughter beginner
My daughter, Samantha, is in 4th grade and just picked up a lacrosse stick last year. The difference between her skills from the first day we walked through the doors at LaxEVO to now are night and day. Everything just seemed to click for her with the top-notch coaches and her level of confidence has sky-rocketed. Great job to Tom Slate and his entire staff. I am highly recommending LaxEVO to everyone I know with young ones who appreciate the game of lacrosse and want to raise their level of play.

- Brian Beale

Elite College Training
"The coaching and facilities at lacrosse evolution provide me with a competitive advantage during my summer and winter breaks. My goal is to be the best I can be and LaxEvo is a huge part of that for me. The training challenges me to take my game to the next level by recognizing my strengths and improving my weakness's."

- Owen Blye University of Maryland Junior Captain

Girls private lesson
Melissa, thank you so much for the great lesson with my daughter Sophie. She loved working with you. She really enjoyed her time with you and we both thought it was amazing how you kept things positive and complimented her on her strengths but also took the time to help her with the things she is weak on and needs to work on such as catching without opening her stick enough thus making it harder for her to catch. You have been very responsive with my emails and changing of times if needed and very accommodating with our schedule. But the best thing about having a lesson with you is that you use your expertise and knowledge in lacrosse to help your students learn to be stronger players but in a positive way. Thank you so much for helping Sophie, she is lucky to have you coaching her at LAXEVOLUTION. Thanks for all you have been doing for Soph, Sincerely Nicole Thatcher

- Melissa Furey - Women's Director

Private Lessons Downingtown
Working with Dave Donovan at Lacrosse Evolution has been a great benefit to my son. As a midfielder, his dodging and shooting on the run needed some work. Dave not only made his shot more accurate and harder in his strong hand, but worked on his mechanics to the point where his off hand is just as great; making him a threat from both sides of the field. Thanks Dave!

- Rose G., Kennett Square

Facility Camp
My kids (12 yr old boy and 8 yr old girl) just took your lax camp at KOP and it was awesome! They loved it and the coaches were amazing. THANK YOU so much! We will definitely be back!

- Lisa

Lesson influence
I woke up to see my son, Thomas in the bathroom doing split dodges in front of the mirror. He told me that his coach form Lacrosse Evolution told him to do it.

- WBYA Lacrosse Parent

Private Lessons Ryan Cranston
"Thanks to the lessons with Ryan my stick and playing confidence is at end of season form before going into tryouts."

- Jake Glancy - Malvern Prep

Private Lesson
“Not only did my son improve his athletic ability in the sport of lacrosse it helped him with his self confidence on and off the field”.

- LYA Parent

Goalie School
The girls goalie program at Lacrosse Evolution is very beneficial and has taught and reinforced many skills that have been crucial components that have helped take my game to the next level.

- - Alexandra Lista

Dave Donovan Private Lessons
Jessica wanted a little "extra" focus on her conditioning. Dave encouraged, strengthened and supported her every step of the way. Her workouts were geared towards the areas of her strength that she wanted to work on. The workouts changed every week so it was fun and interesting instead of repetitive and boring. Dave even worked on her breathing to assure she was getting the most out of her workout. I would recommend workouts with Dave Donovan and Lacrosse Evolution.

- Felecia Meakim

Girls private lessons with Jamie Dolan
Thank you so much to Jamie Dolan for all the work that she has done with our 11 year old daughter. As a direct result of Jamie's efforts, our daughter has the opportunity to play lacrosse for a high level travel team. When our daughter first met Jamie, she wasn't even sure she was interested in playing lacrosse and now after a few private lessons, she is not only interested but committed to playing lacrosse at a high level. This is especially incredible because our daughter until now did not consider herself an athlete or a "sporty" girl and the result of being selected for a competitive travel lax team has significantly raised her confidence! We really appreciate all your support and efforts Jamie!

- -- Very Thankful Parent

Girls Training Downingtown
Lacrosse Evolution has an enthusiastic staff that incoraporates the latest coacching techniques to help my youth lacrosse players perfect their skills and strive to be the best players they can be!!

- Courtney Hill - St. Joseph CYO Lacrosse

Lacrosse Evolution King of Prussia
"With the help of Lacrosse Evolution, King of Prussia, my shooting skills have greatly improved along with my level of confidence."

- Anna-Marie Warrington, Methacton.

Group Training
“Training at Lacrosse Evolution really helped my daughter become a well rounded athlete in all sports”.

- PA Express Parent

Coaches Clinic
"Thank you for presenting a very informative clinic. I not only gained information on techniques, but also different offensive and defensive strategies."

- Perkiomen Valley Coach

WBYA Team Training
West Bradford has been using LaxEvo for preseason training for the past few seasons, and you can really tell the difference in the players that take advantage of the sessions. There is a visible improvement in the players’ skills from the beginning of the session to the end, which translates to a more confident, prepared player at the start of the season. LaxEvo has enabled West Bradford to turn the preseason into a great training opportunity.

- Eric Dougherty

Winter Parents Clinic
“Thank you so much for your parents clinic last night; clearly we were riveted! You demonstrate your passion for this game, thanks for an informative evening. “

- Connie L

Winter Session at Downingtown Training Center
“Winter Training went very smoothly and the staff at Laxevo was very prepared. They did an evaluation on 6 or 7 skill sets for a baseline skill measurement in the areas of agility, stick handling, shooting, etc. The training will focus on improving those skills. There will be another evaluation at the conclusion of the winter session. We, as parents, will see the results of the training by the Lax Evo staff which is great.”

- Bob Miller- LYA Coach

Girls Recruiting Clinic
“Thank you for the very informative program last night. It was great to finally hear the (recruiting) process….
Your comments and recommendations will be very helpful to my daughter as she pursues her interest in playing college LAX.”

- Peg W

Fall Session Training
“Shannon is really enjoying the training. Thank you very much for all your hard work.”

- Leigh M

Pinnacle Camp
"Just wanted to give kudos to the organizers and the coaches of the Pinnacle Camp. My 11 year old son Nick attended the defensive camp with Kyle Sweeney and had a great time and felt as if he learned a tremendous amount. On top of that, he got to meet both Brian and John during the week and was excited to meet them."

- Dan S.

Winter Team Training at Downingtown
“LaxEvo has consistently helped our players at Great Valley to become better in every facet of the game.”

- Tony Verna - Head Coach Great Valley

Winter Clinic
“I’d like to commend you on a job well done last night! I have a freshman daughter and feel like we’ve just been given the “secret”. You were completely unselfish with your knowledge and experience and I know it will prove more than helpful as we begin our journey to college recruitment. So, thank you so much for that.”

- Amy O

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