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Field Hockey Evolution @fieldhockey_evo ::Private Lessons, Training, clinics, Seminars, Open League play, Goalie training.
Downingtown Training Center ::Evolve your overall game HERE today!
King of Prussia Training Center ::Evolve your overall game HERE today!
Girls & Boys Goalie Academy @DPageGoalie_Evo ::Girls & Boys Youth and HighSchool One stop shopping all the way to college!
2014 Evolution Games Recruiting Series ::Sea Turtle - Pumpkin Pie - Evolution Games
Lacrosse Films, Video's, Instructional, Highlights ::Watch it, Learn it, Evolve your game!
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Laxevo Coaches Philosphy

Lacrosse Evolution Staff Qualifications

Crucial to the Lacrosse Evolutionís success is the selection and training of its coaches. All coaches are handpicked, certified and have a complete understanding of Lacrosse Evolutionís coaching philosophy. To ensure the quality and consistency of Lacrosse Evolutionís model, all Lacrosse Evolution Training centerís teaching professionals are required to participate in continuing educational programs designed and accredited by Lacrosse Evolution quarterly throughout the year. This guarantees that the latest and most sophisticated lacrosse instruction is incorporated into the Lacrosse Evolution coaching philosophy.


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